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Privacy Policy

We only store the personal information that you provide for your own profile. We keep the information you provide completely private. All sensitive information, like passwords, are heavily encrypted. This information is only used to help you manage your photos.

Our full privacy policy can be found at: http://aviewfrommyseat.com/policies/privacy-policy.html

End User License Agreement

The end user license agreement for this site and all of our products can be found here: http://aviewfrommyseat.com/policies/eula.txt

Uploaded Photos

All photos on aviewfrommyseat.com use the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. If you upload photos through any of the A View From My Seat sites or apps, this same license will apply.

Credit should always be given to the member who shared the photo.

Other licenses

Use of the APIs, widgets & webapps found in developer.aviewfrommyseat.com are provided under dual MIT / GNU licenses.

Fair Use Policy

All photos that appear on A View From My Seat and it's properties are user generated. In most cases, they are taken in in public places, like sporting events. Any "likeness" contained within these photos is incidental. The purpose of this site, and it's properties is for reporting the "view" from a particular location. In sharing photos, the user has no expectation of privacy.

All photos uploaded to A View From My Seat may be used to promote A View From My Seat and it's applications. They are not be used to promote any other products. If your "likeness" appears on A View From My Seat and you would like it removed, please contact us to have the image removed. We openly follow DCMA guidelines.

Teams And Venues

If you would like to customize or control the pages about your team and/or venue, you can claim your team or venue page(s) here.


The Faces Avatars that appear on this site were created by the artist deleket.