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  • The Beacham, sección: GA
    Guided By Voices
    Excellent Venue to see a show! They had the AC cranked which is rare for most venues! GBV was awesome!
  • Yuengling Center, sección: 108, fila: E, asiento: 5, 6, 7, 8
    South Florida Bulls vs Bethune Cookman Wildcats
    Great seats! Go Bulls!
  • Wrigley Field, sección: 209, fila: 6, asiento: 16
    Chicago Cubs vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Great seats. Had 105-108. Great view of the whole field and no sun in the eyes for an afternoon game and shaded from the rain! Close to an Old Style vendor too!
  • Wrigley Field, sección: 209, fila: 6, asiento: 17
    Chicago Cubs vs Tampa Bay Rays
    Really nice seats! These are normally $100 seats in the Infield Terrace Section. Got them for $45 a piece. Great view and no one walking in front.
  • Soldier Field, sección: 432, fila: 2, asiento: 1
    Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles
    These seats suck! A couple rows back would be fine but people are constantly walking up and down the stairs and blocking the view! People will also try to stand there if no one moves them along. We were in 1-3 and they were all bad.