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  • Tim Hortons Field, sección: 218, fila: 22, asiento: 6
    Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple Leafs
    2022 Heritage classic! Fantastic view of the ice, only down fall was lots of wind up higher in the second deck
  • Scotiabank Arena, sección: 306, fila: 12, asiento: 3
    Toronto Maple Leafs vs St. Louis Blues
    Fantastic view from the cheapest seat in the house!
  • Rogers Centre, sección: 113AL, fila: 5, asiento: 108
    Toronto Blue Jays vs Oakland Athletics
    5th row in section, behind first base, in constant sun all game during day games, fantastic view
  • Scotiabank Arena, sección: Floor H, fila: 12, asiento: 13
    Genesis tour: The Last Domino?
    Towards the back on the right hand side of floor section fantastic seats worth every penny
  • Scotiabank Arena, sección: 613, fila: 1, asiento: 7
    Genesis tour: The Last Domino?
    Decent seats in a suite, due to stage setup it was partially obstructed, fantastic sound still!
  • Scotiabank Arena, sección: Floor J, fila: 5, asiento: 13
    Michael Buble tour: An Evening With Michael Buble
    Got Great seats off stubhub for a fraction of the price! such an incredible experience and a fantastic show!

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  • Budweiser Gardens, sección: 110, fila: S, asiento: 21
    Twenty One Pilots tour: The Bandito Tour
    Great seats!, Last row of the section. I highly recommend
  • Budweiser Stage, sección: 409, fila: C, asiento: 2
    Dave Matthews Band tour: Summer Tour 2019
    Nice Seats, can see most the stagernPole only obstructs small portion of the far side of the stage
  • Meridian Hall, sección: Orchestra 5, fila: G, asiento: 65
    Nick Mason tour: Saucerful of Secrets
    they put on a great show! was really happy to hear early pink Floyd songs
  • Budweiser Gardens, sección: 310, fila: D, asiento: 9
    Alice in Chains tour: Rainier Fog Tour
    Was very impressed with their performance and the venue was a great size for them!
  • Scotiabank Arena, sección: 306, fila: 11, asiento: 4
    Muse tour: The Simulation Theory
    higher up in the section but still a fantastic view! 100% Recommend
  • Budweiser Gardens, sección: 308, fila: F, asiento: 5
    Lynyrd Skynyrd tour: The Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour
    Great concert, quality music the whole night, randy bachman and lynyrd skynyrd

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  • Wrigley Field, sección: 120, fila: 5, asiento: 8
    Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals
    Fantastic Seats at an absolutely stunning stadium
  • Budweiser Stage, sección: 304, fila: H, asiento: 1
    Imagine Dragons tour: Evolve World Tour
    Great concert, Partial obstruction from the pole
  • Comerica Park, sección: 130, fila: 20, asiento: 5
    Detroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins
    Great seats just off centre from home plate
  • Great American Ball Park, sección: 124, fila: K, asiento: 13
    Cincinnati Reds vs Milwaukee Brewers
    Great seats behind the plate
  • Busch Stadium, sección: 250, fila: 6, asiento: 8
    St. Louis Cardinals vs Atlanta Braves
    Great seats behind the plate in the redbirds club
  • Meridian Hall, sección: Orchestra 4, fila: Z, asiento: 61
    David Byrne tour: American Utopia Tour
    Free orchestra tickets from a contest, great view of entire stage
  • Budweiser Stage, sección: 403, fila: M, asiento: 11
    Ozzy Osbourne tour: No More Tours 2
    Back Sections of the venue, still a great view of the stage
  • Rogers Centre, sección: 524AL, fila: 4, asiento: 108
    Coldplay tour: A Head Full Of Dreams Tour
    Great view of the stage, straight on stage view
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