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Willc149 ha compartido 9 fotos de 9 estadios.

  • Brooks Atkinson Theatre, sección: Orchestra C, fila: AA, asiento: 101
  • Lyric Theatre, sección: Orchestra L, fila: AA, asiento: 3
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    Front row seats from the Friday Forty lottery. Beware that you might get a little wet
  • Music Box Theatre, sección: Standing Room, asiento: 106
    Dear Evan Hansen
    Standing Room Ticket from the Lottery A great, wide, full view of the stage
  • Lyceum Theatre (Broadway), sección: Balcony R, fila: F, asiento: 10
    Be More Chill
    VERY VERY high up, but still a great view for the only $20 I paid for the ticket (StubHub)
  • Shubert Theatre, sección: Standing Room, asiento: 105
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Standing Room ticket from the rush line I definitely recommend this view. I could see everything except the very top of the stage where no action took place.
  • Belasco Theatre, sección: Balcony L, fila: E, asiento: 9
    Seat not marked as Partial View, but was obstructed by a pole. However, I got the ticket for $46 so not terrible for this amazing show! Don't miss Bryan Cranston

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  • Walter Kerr Theatre, sección: Box B, asiento: 3
    Paid $99 for this ticket, didn't get a rush ticket but this was great for the price Seat is marked as partial view but I could see the entire stage besides the back of stage left but only two band members play there, all the action is centerstage.
  • August Wilson Theatre, sección: Orchestra L, fila: A, asiento: 3
    Mean Girls
    Front row for $42.50 via the Rush Line. Seat is marked as partial view but I could see basically everything on the stage and was at eye level with the stage
  • Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, sección: Mezzanine L, fila: C, asiento: 13
    Come From Away
    TDF seat! 50 dollars for this amazing view!