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  • Barclays Center, sección: 117, fila: 5, asiento: 8
    Monday Night RAW
    Amazing view of the action, highly recommend if you don't want to spend much but want a good view. 7/15/13
  • Madison Square Garden, sección: 223, fila: 8, asiento: 14
    WWE Live Holiday Tour
    Comfortable seats, easy access to food, bathroom, and merchandise.
  • MetLife Stadium, sección: 329, fila: 19, asiento: 5
    WrestleMania 29
    Good Access to concessions and bathroom. Good angle view.
  • Barclays Center, sección: 226, fila: 4, asiento: 3
    TLC 2012
    Tight seats, felt like i would kick someone in the head and/or have one foot fall into a ledge. Good access to some concession stands/bathroom. If you're claustrophobic, don't sit in the upper. For WWE events here, Louder Concussions (Booms)