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jyn11 ha compartido 7 fotos de 6 estadios.

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  • Winter Garden Theatre, sección: Orchestra C, fila: P, asiento: 103
    Amazing view, amazing show!
  • Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, sección: Mezzanine C, fila: K, asiento: 110
    Come From Away
    Last row, aisle seat. It's a small theater so you have a pretty good view despite being in the last row.
  • Walter Kerr Theatre, sección: Mezzanine L, fila: A, asiento: 19
    Amazing view!
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, sección: Mezzanine L, fila: T, asiento: 5
    Moulin Rouge
    You can see everything but it's hard to make out actors' expressions. For a show with amazing costume and stage design like this, I'd recommend trying to sit closer to the stage.
  • Brooks Atkinson Theatre, sección: Rear Mezzanine RC, fila: L, asiento: 106
    It's a small theater, so you still have a pretty good view despite being in the last row of center mezz.
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, sección: Front Mezzanine C, fila: E, asiento: 112
    Pretty good seat. You can see everything.

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  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre, sección: Orchestra L, fila: R, asiento: 23
    Moulin Rouge
    Aisle seat. Decent view. Stage right is a little obstructed but you don't miss much.