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  • Yankee Stadium, sección: 225, fila: 4, asiento: 13
    New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jays
    Awesome panoramic view from section 225 at Yankee Stadium!
  • Wrigley Field, sección: 420R, fila: 1, asiento: 13
    Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds
    Great view behind home plate, full field visible ... a lot closer to the action than it looks. Overhang provides shade and protection but does not obstruct the view at all! Plenty of leg room.
  • Wrigley Field, sección: 109, fila: 4, asiento: 9
    Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Cubs Win! CHCVSPIT 6-20-14
  • Wrigley Field, sección: 108, fila: 3, asiento: 8
    Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    Seventh Inning Stretch, CHCVSPIT, 6-20-14
  • Wrigley Field, sección: 215, fila: 7, asiento: 10
    Chicago Cubs vs Pittsburgh Pirates
    OUTSTANDING SEATS. Perfect view of the field, no obstructions whatsoever. Highly Recommended.