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  • twice tour: twicelights
    u ca see the girls pretty well w/o being on the floor but i would’ve gotten a seat 13-15 n maybe a few rows lower. u did see their side profiles more n sometimes only half the girls but they were still vv close
  • twice tour: twicelights
    (the lighting is like that because of my phone!) good seat wish i was a bit lower or more to the side like seat 13-15 but still close
  • twice tour: twicelights
  • Prudential Center, sección: 9, fila: 9, asiento: 6
    twice tour: twicelights
    it was a rlly good seat in terms of seeing the girls close up w/o being on the floor though i would recommend a seat like seat 13-15 n maybe a row lower like 6?