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  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 1TD, fila: H, asiento: 1
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres
    Great seat! View of the whole stadium and behind home plate. Field looks closer in person.
  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 12TD, fila: G, asiento: 21
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs Washington Nationals
    Good first base side view! Aisle railing can block some of right field if you don't sit up. This seat is at the end of the section so fewer people walking by.
  • Yankee Stadium, sección: 420B, fila: 3, asiento: 8
    New York Yankees vs Chicago Cubs
    Amazing view of the field and stadium!
  • Nationals Park, sección: 313, fila: C, asiento: 1
    Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds
    Good view! Near the front of the section, but not so close that the railing blocks your view.
  • PETCO Park, sección: 120, fila: 23, asiento: 3
    San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgers
    Excellent view!
  • Oriole Park at Camden Yards, sección: 334, fila: 15, asiento: 17
    Baltimore Orioles vs Oakland Athletics
    Good view and a great bang for your buck.

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  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 143LG, fila: K, asiento: 1
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacks
    Great seat! Have to turn a bit to see the infield, but it's not annoying.
  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 12TD, fila: L, asiento: 1
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies
    Nice seat. High up, but still easy to keep track of all the plays.
  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 2TD, fila: H, asiento: 19
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies
    Great central view! The infield looks bigger in person than the photos suggests. Absolutely beautiful view of the mountains during sunset.
  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 40FD, fila: E, asiento: 8
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies
    Great, if you don't mind turning your head towards the infield.