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Tipo de evento: todobéisbol
  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 35RS, fila: U, asiento: 1
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs Philadelphia Phillies
    Good seat for the money. Would recommend a few more dollars for a more central but still good!
  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 6RS, fila: F, asiento: 3
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals
    A much better seat than I expected. There doesn't seem to be a bad seat in the house. Excellent seat for the price.
  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 2FD, fila: V, asiento: 9
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies
    Great seat right behind the plate! About three rows back from being undercover.
  • Dodger Stadium, sección: 6FD, fila: U, asiento: 8
    Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants
    Great seats. I'd go MVP over VIP as the elevation gets a great view!