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Show of the Summer 2015 (2015)

  • Hershey Park Stadium, sección: C, fila: 22, asiento: 12
    Fifth Harmony tour: Show of the Summer 2015
    Good seat, when they walked out onto the catwalk they were pretty close. You had to show your ticket and hand stamp every single time you wanted to leave to reenter your section so that people couldn't sneak up.
  • Hershey Park Stadium, sección: 7, fila: Q, asiento: 1 and 2
    Shawn Mendes tour: Show Of The Summer 2015
    You can definitely see everything and great for taking pictures.
  • Hershey Park Stadium, sección: 28, fila: AA, asiento: 17
    Fifth Harmony tour: Show Of The Summer 2015
    Great seats perfect camera view
  • anónimo
    Asiento de 5 con vistas concert estrellas
    Hershey Park Stadium, sección: 25, fila: X, asiento: 1
    Fifth Harmony tour: Show of the summer 2015
    Seat was amazing, could see the performers walk behind/ beside stage and could easily see the stage